Building A Plan

I finished the book on Friday night.  My first plan of attack was to create a food budget for myself and doing something that totally makes sense, but I had never tried – meal planning!

I set up a little chart in a notebook and wrote down what I could consistently make for the next two weeks to eat, what I already had in my house, and what I needed. 

I then thought of foods that could last longer, could be used for more than one type of meal, and made a grocery list.

Honestly, I think I did quite well. I already had a lot of in stock, so I just needed a few filler items.  I mainly needed to buy vegetables – as I am officially off my blood thinners tomorrow and can go back to my fairly vegetarian ways.  I don’t think I will give up meat again completely yet – my vertigo is still bothering me.

This grocery trip was not too bad. I think I spend a lot more money on other non food items. Today, I had to buy breast milk bags, more pacifiers (we somehow lost 2 of them), and guinea pig bedding.  Those silly rascals, require so much work!

So, the plan is to use the food menu and hopefully be able to start getting a stable grocery budget built. I also got a crock-pot from my mom, which I have high hopes for. I would like to someday make a lot of my own foods, like breads, so I could cut back on costs.  Someday, someday.

As for my anxiety and depression, they are pretty much off the chart. I am waiting for Wednesday to be over! I am trying to think of a nice way to signify that part of my life ending and focusing on clearing out some of the other drama/clutter in my life.

And I got to reunite with some old friends:



About findingtheearth

I am beginning to learn how to deal with Beth. This includes learning to cope with stress, going green, and falling in love with the planet I live on.
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