I don’t like when good things happen in one part of my life and bad parts happen in another.  We are all flawed human beings, and some people need to stop taking things so personally.

I hate being lectured that I need to be positive. Then they push me to feel guilty every time they get their feelings hurt by my actions. I don’t let every little thing bother me, but it’s okay to make me bad when they feel bad.

I do not understand when people claim they want everyone else to be positive, but let every one else control their emotions.  I did not overreact when he was being all mopey earlier in the week, I just let him mope. 

Ugh. Relationships with people who have no idea how to function with other persons are frustrating.  But I cannot let it ruin my day. Not my goal in life.  I have too many other things going on I need to focus on then menial emotions and feelings.


About findingtheearth

I am beginning to learn how to deal with Beth. This includes learning to cope with stress, going green, and falling in love with the planet I live on.
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