New location

I officially have my own place to live.  It is exciting and scary. I have to go shopping for household products.  I get to decorate and live how I want to.  No rules. No restrictions. I don’t know if this is good for me or not, but I really feel it is time to set down my place and make a little home for me.

I made a list of things to buy. 

The only place I have ever felt was truly home is Two Moon Park in Billings. I love that place. It is healing and rejuvenating. It blesses me. I cannot wait to go back there and play again. I always look forward to it, like a favorite relative or long lost friend.




About findingtheearth

I am beginning to learn how to deal with Beth. This includes learning to cope with stress, going green, and falling in love with the planet I live on.
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