Start Here

I am starting here. The last month has been crazy starts. No codependent relationships. No hellish living situations. No nagging. No acusations.  It’s pretty darn blissfull.

I started my own campaign to go green and find the earth. I look forward to it. I love the sun and the wind, and I want to preserve it.

I am finding optimism.  And joy.

I am looking into a life coach – it is a six month committment!!!!! Scary, but potentially will help me learn to cope with myself.

I am looking at a place to live in tonight. My own place.  It scares me. Thrills me. Entices me. Makes me want to jump with glee. 

I have no idea what I am doing, but starting to form little pieces of a new life.

So I will start here.


About findingtheearth

I am beginning to learn how to deal with Beth. This includes learning to cope with stress, going green, and falling in love with the planet I live on.
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